Main Character Problem

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This is a post we are doing for the Reading Workshop the topic is main character problems. The book I’m reading is Frenzy by Robert Liparulo.

One problem the characters (David and Xander) is when they go to their house and Taksidian is there.This made the book more exciting because Taksidian took their mom and tried to kill David.

The other problem is when they go to Atlantis and David and Xander are taking prisoners by Taksidian and Atlantis warriors.This made the book more exciting because David and Xander escaped from them and they help the other prisoners escape.

Another problem is when David and Xander get back from Rome and get their mom back Taksidian and Phemus are waiting for them to get back.This made the book more exciting because Taksidian is Trying to get David’s mom to take to Atlantis.

Another problem is when Toria went to the linen closet and found a portal that took her to the school.When she went to the school Phemus was there too.This made the book more exciting because Phemus was trying to get Toria to take her to another world.


Dear Mr.McGuire,Surprising Letter

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This is a assignment for the Reading Workshop. We have to write about our book. The topic is weird, surprising or unsuspecting.

Dear Mr.McGuire,                                                                                                                3/19/12

The book I am reading is Whirlwind by Robert Liparulo. He makes this book weird by the characters (David and Xander) find a portal that goes to Taksidian house and they find a sculpture of human body parts. This was really weird because one of them was Davids great great uncle Jesse finger. The book said Taksidian said your uncles finger is looking good on the sculpture maybe you can be on there.

Another way the author makes Whirlwind surprising  is when they go to a portal and find their great great uncle Jesse when he was fourteen years old. This was surprising because Jesse was stabbed by Phemus and went to the hospital and might die. The book said when they went to the portal they saw a young man and he was carrying a knife. Then he said his name was Jesse.

The other weird thing is the lights in the house scare people away from the portal. This is mainly weird because there is tons of portals but not many lamps. The book said that Jesse was making a lamp and told them that it scares away the people from the portals.

The other way this book is surprising is by making Taksidian’s house have portals too. This is surprising because Taksidian wants David And Xander’s house. The book said that Taksidian’s house is full of portals like their house.

I really like this book I hope you read it if you already haven’t. It is one of my favorite series.

Andrew N.

A Letter To Mr. McGuire

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In Reading Workshop we have an assignment to write a letter to Mr. McGuire about why the author makes our book exciting to us. I recommend this book to any one who likes creepy books.

My book is Watcher In The Woods by Robert Liparulo.

Dear, Mr.McGuire                                                                         3/5/12

The author makes my book exciting because they always go to another world. That part is also exciting because they also find something like a tank and etc.

Another way the author makes this book exciting is how the dad lived in the house before and tried to get back his mom.

Another part that the author makes exciting is how the house is so weird and has portals. Another way this is exciting is things can come out of the portals.

The author also makes this book exciting by leaving you hanging on good parts.

He also makes the book exciting by almost killing the main characters.

This book also becomes exciting because he makes the characters fight through different worlds to find their mom and Grandma.

The book got more exciting when they went to the civil war.This was exciting because Xander had to take David Prisoner to get to the portal out.

In the first book he made it exciting by making the monster/person take their mom away.He also made them search the house for any thing weird.


Andrew N.

House Of Dark Shadows

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House Of Dark Shadows is a Awesome book so far.  There is always something weird.  The characters are David a twelve year old boy,Xander a fifteen year old boy and Toria a nine year old girl.They are just starting to move out of their house in Pasadena.

In the book Xander and David were fighting in the motel.Then Xander ran in the woods and David was following him Xander ran into a house.When he was in the house he looked out a window and saw a man staring at the house.

They also all went house hunting and they found a house that Xander thinks is creepy.when he walks in the house the door slams shut behind him.When his dad yells in the house it sounds like  it is in every room.

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Best Ability

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If I had an amazing ability and if it was not in sports it would be playing the drums.Most drummers are good in the world but I would be the best.People love hearing the drums.I think their should be more people who play drums.I also think people should take care of drums.

I would choose that as my ability because drums can make people feel better with the music.That would impact the world by making people want to be their best.

I would also help people learn their ability playing drums.It could help people get in a school.It would also help bands get a awesome drummer.

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Being Happy

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In reading workshop we had a assignment to comment about being happy.

I like it when i’m happy, because I’m always in a good mood and I can do a lot better at what I’m doing.I like to make other people happy.I like when other people are happy because that makes me happy. I’m mainly happy but not all the time.If I’m angry i won’t have any fun.If other people are angry they won’t have any fun.If other people are happy they will have fun.Having fun is the key to happiness.

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My Crossbow

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My crossbow is a Horton hunters supreme it is a nice crossbow.My dad is the only one who can pull it back.When I took my crossbow to my grandpa’s farm I got to shoot it. My first time shooting it I missed the target.Then when I shot it the second time I got the middle of the target.Then when my dad shot it he got the third ring of the target.